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【 Miniature heat radiator fan 】 Design principle

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning cooling cooling fan manufacturer professional wholesale cooling cooling fan, miniature radiator cooling fan, dc and ac cooling fan. By our company technical personnel for you mentioned below to undo the design principle of the miniature radiator cooling fan: miniature heat cooling fan of the cooling fan impeller is calculated, to make the distance between the cooling fan blades appears no order, presents a kind of 'not equidistant' situation: why is it not like dc cooling fan blades is equidistant? This is because the rotation of wind and air to produce audio 'irregular', become 'a' of the wind, and not just voice on the audio. Noise is mainly divided into two ways of narrowband and broadband noise, because there are paramagnetic narrowband noise very let people pay attention to, cause people dislike; And broadband noise is soft, so it sounds is more let a person feel sweet, although can't eliminate, but relative resistance 'listening', let a person not so upset. Miniature radiator cooling fan impeller is made of dynamic balance, just as the car wheels to do dynamic balance, heat dissipation of the cooling fan rotor also needs to do the work, in simple terms, is to keep wind turbines in the running state of balance, noise reduction, and extend the life of the fan.
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