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Mini waterproof thermal cooling fan manufacturer tell you car radiator cooling fan can steal data

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Once upon a time, the waterproof cooling fan manufacturer of micro and subcompact cars small make up to believe that there are a lot of users thought as long as it is now connected to the Internet, that is physical isolation cases, data is absolutely safe in my own car, because as long as you don't have to what U disk, seems nobody to invasion of the car. Even accidentally by U disk virus infection, not connected to the Internet and it can let the car data to heaven? Already have a number of studies show that physical isolation cases, the use of electromagnetic radiation, thermal radiation and so on system data can be used to steal car. Now there are more 'weird' way, Ben - Israel Gurion university researchers developed a malicious program Fansmitter, can let host infected automobile cooling fans 'informant'. After the takeover fan control principle is the program, let fan rotation can reflect the information of binary 1 s and 0 s, so that the fan in turn send binary content, express to steal data.

waterproof cooling fan manufacturer of micro and subcompact cars of small make up to tell you this kind of make use of a cooling fan to steal these data, the signal transmission range between 1 to 4 meters, people with ulterior motives can put receiver within the effective range, such as microphone, spy equipment such as bugs, or using a mobile phone to receive the signal. So, this way is perhaps the most suitable for that spies. Here is rest assured!
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