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【 Mini fan 】 Technical analysis

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Mini fan 】 Technical analysis
in recent years, thanks to the development of air conditioning technology requires a small volume, low noise, pressure head properly and easy to match the buildings on the installation of small fan. Tubular fan is to adapt to the requirements of the new fan. Flow also increases. Tubular fan don't like the centrifugal fan is on the chassis sides open axial airflow into the fan, but open chassis part make radial flow directly into the fan. Air flow across the leaf twice. Adding some auxiliary fan in the impeller of the fixed guide vane, to improve the air condition.
mini fan inlet and outlet are rectangular, easy to match the building. Tubular fan still exist many problems to be solved. Especially the geometric shape of each part has a significant effect on its performance. Imperfect structure and completely unable to work, but small turbine is steadily expanding the scope of application of the fan.
in order to deepen the understanding of mini fan performance, discuss the structure and kinematic parameters, design meet the requirements of the combine harvester cleaning tubular fan, fan test model is established, fan performance testing and analysis of the model, obtained some useful data, such as leaf outside corner cut & beta; 2 take 15. 33° Accordingly, and by using the similar principles, design the D2 = 220 mm, D1 = 154 mm, Z = 20, & beta; 1=90° ,β 2 = 15. 33° ,θ j=170° ,θ c = 165° ,θ s = 25° , h = 130 mm, B = 1100 mm tubular fan. The fan to use on the combine harvester, rotational speed n = 855 r/min, homework can meet 1 field. 5 kg/s cleaning load, the determination of total loss rate of 1. 09%, the grain crushing rate 0. 05%, grain QingJieLv amounted to 98. 15%

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