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【 Mini fan 】 Good fans, it's not that simple

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Mini fan impeller is calculated, to make the distance between the blades desultorily, presents a & other; Not equidistant & throughout; Situation: why is it not like dc fan blades is equidistant? This is because the rotation of wind and air to produce audio & other; Irregular & throughout; To become & other; A & throughout; The wind, the wind in the rather than focusing on a certain frequency band. Noise has two kinds of narrowband and broadband noise, regular narrowband noise easily attract people's attention, annoying. Close to the nature of the noise and broadband noise, although can't eliminate, but relatively & other; Resistance to listen & throughout; A little, let a person not so upset.
mini fan impeller is made of dynamic balance, just as the car wheels to do dynamic balance, the car fan rotor also needs to do the work, in simple terms, is to keep wind turbines in the running state of balance, noise reduction, and extend the life of the fan.

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