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Mini axial flow fan noise value

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Mini axial flow fan as the name suggests is small, miniature cooling fans, in the case of less space, with the development of science and technology, we are looking for the equipment as convenient as possible, so the application of the miniature axial flow fan will be more and more widely, today let's discuss the mini noise factor of axial flow fan, we all know that mini axial flow fan noise is relatively larger than the size smaller, so also is related to what factors?

1, bearings, bearing the noise factors we should not be neglected, is one of the biggest part of the noise source, dual ball bearing in the general case of fan noise much larger than the oil bearing fan noise.

2, friction: when mini axial flow fan use time is too long, can appear etc. In some cases, this will cause the fan blades and fan, collision or friction to produce noise.

3, rotational speed, it is also a necessary factor, the higher the speed, the noise will grow accordingly.

4, air flow, fan blades during the rotation, is the resistance in the air, the faster the rotation, fan leaf area is larger, the greater the resistance, so the increase of noise will be no accident.

these are, of course, we cannot ignore the noise source, what we have to reduce the cooling fan noise little secret?

1, the regular dust with a soft brush to clean up the cooling fan.

2, cushion, in addition to fixed strong outside, still can increase thin cloth, rubber gasket, etc in the contact position buffer

3, combined with the corresponding lower fan speed

4, add lubricant to the cooling fan

5, choose quality, high credibility of the brand, good good expensive, good is expensive, in our cooling fan manufacturer with a cooling fan brands have to explain in detail at the top of some brands.

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