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Micro brushless cooling cooling fan the function of each component

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The function of the micro brushless cooling fan parts do you know? And a cooling fan manufacturer tong chi below small make up let's look at the

the micro cooling fan actually takes more than 60 production line process, is composed of more than 20 accessories, but summarized mainly from the following four parts

1, the casing outside the cooling fan

support fan motor and diversion effect;

2, fan rotor part

including fan blades, is the source of air flow, the axis of the fan, used to support balanced rotor blades rotate, magnetic ring, permanent magnets, magnetic drive level switch speed key, circular box, fixed the circular

3, fan motor parts

including circuit board, control and signal in energy consumption, silicon steel sheet ( Attached the windings on the stator magnets,) Produce magnetic level switch, silicon steel sheet upper and lower cover, fixed and insulation;

4, fan stator section

including support spring, separate bearing balance axis, bearings, high speed, low friction, long-life rotation, retaining ring, a fixed tuberculosis turn the whole parts, motor parts, production of rotation, move the size of the rotational speed key

the above is a cooling fan manufacturer chi small make up for the function of micro brushless cooling fan parts share content, the hope can help a friend in need, if you want to learn more chi of cooling fans products, please click: http://www. xfs— 风扇。 com/gsjj- 483. 超文本标记语言
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