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Medical devices should be how to choose the radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As more and more industrial products need electricity, as long as you power, you will have heat source, then you need to heat dissipation. From past simple electronic components to the high-end intelligent household products now - — Of the robot, car charging pile, computers, scanners, etc. The radiator fan, all applications. The medical devices like a computer scanner should be how to choose the radiator fan? In fact, in a cooling fan used in medical devices to the beginner's mind is not cooling, just use a cooling fan exhaust effect to derive the machine internal heat. As is known to all, medical equipment is used in the patients, so the stability must be very high, and the noise is also required. The rest of the patients can't be bothered. Also has the most critical is the criterion for a cooling fan pressure must be very high, due to the application of the cooling fan is most of the medical equipment is all equipment, and the interior space is also pretty big, so make sure you have adequate standard air pressure to take out hot air. Communications equipment cooling fans, therefore, when choosing a cooling fan, medical equipment is the most important thing a cooling fan wind pressure value, noise and stability. High temperature fan belongs to special fan, specifically for high temperature work place, high temperature fan, high performance, high pressure resistance. 。 High temperature fan mainly includes: stainless steel, high temperature resistant fan drive high temperature fan, centrifugal fan, etc. High temperature resistant 。 High temperature fan is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, forging, electric power, nuclear power, environmental protection and other fields. High temperature fan, the structure characteristics of 1, high temperature fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, motors, connectors, cooling wind blade and other parts. 2. Wing by single centrifugal impeller impeller, adopts high quality galvanized steel or cold rolling steel plate, and according to the aerodynamic blade design. By 10 pieces of airfoil blade impeller, medical machinery and equipment of cooling fans after bending front coil and plate. Material is made of high qualified steel plate, high strength, good durability, the strict dynamic and static balance correction. Air performance is good, high efficiency and smooth operation. 3, use convergence entrance to streamline save eddy current form, the loss of the gas flow is small, high temperature and high efficiency fan. 4. High temperature metal castings used for connection between wind chassis and motor, motor spindle head mounted cooling blade, the outer wall of metal castings in and out of the water pipe installation, cooling of the metal castings and shaft head, ensure the normal operation of the motor at high temperature. The temperature. 5, the motor the use of special high temperature, high temperature fan fluid part adopts material, cooling structure and reliable in performance. Compared with other boiler fan, simple structure, easy maintenance, high cost efficiency.
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