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Many people mistakenly believe that the cooling fan of different sound is the noise you think so

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Industrial cooling cooling fan, in use process, along with the use fixed number of year, more or less will be a little noise, this is a normal phenomenon. But many will be mistaken for the noise at the abnormal vision, think radiator cooling fan seems to be out of question. Actually the noise is not equal to different sound, belongs to the normal phenomenon. Noise due to the blade periodically under export, and the pulse power of uneven air, noise; On the other hand, due to the blade itself and uneven distribution of blade pressure on, turns on the surrounding gas and noise disturbance also constitute parts of rotation; In addition due to gas flows through the blade to tear, vortex and vortex flow attached level from, cause the pulsation of the pressure distribution on blade and vortex noise generation. The same series of cooling fan, air volume supplied by wind pressure, noise is bigger also, therefore, to choose the form of the cooling fan, too much allowance not only waste of energy, and increase the noise. For the same type of cooling fan, should try to choose the cooling fan of low speed running; For different type of the cooling fan, should choose low noise, and should not only consider the speed. For some users, only the pursuit of air volume and air pressure requires speed, the higher the better, of course, the noise value can be relaxed; For the system to work, we always suggest to choose it is advisable to meet the demand of heat dissipation of low noise, the lower the better. Different tone sounds only pure wind noise, noise is a kind of sound waves, has all properties of sound waves. And the sound is different, the cooling fan operation, in addition to the wind, if there are other sound ( With two or more of the voice) To determine the cooling fan appeared different sounds. Different tone may be due to the deformation of bearing or foreign body in it, and improper assembly and a collision, or uneven motor winding coil, create loose, can have different sounds, the cooling fan is eliminated. General inspection policy of strange sound by close to the ear, the subjective factor is larger, it is not easy to identify, easy to dispute, if you use the number of the cooling fan is larger, can use spectrum analysis equipment to check the noise spectrum energy distribution to recognize the different sound. At present, the industrial radiator cooling fan for cooling and dust removal equipment, maintain the air circulation, etc. , radiator cooling fan ten copies of the application scope of extensive, understand the radiator cooling fan noise and sound or very be necessary.
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