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Little knowledge of commonly used car

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The 21st century, the automobile has become an indispensable part of our life, every family has their own private cars, basic everyone's understanding for car more and more, the small make up take you understand the knowledge of some unknown cold! ! ! ! First open the small make up car cold knowledge encyclopedia ~ 1, while China is the world's first car sales market, but the recall times and quantity is the least. However, this does not mean that the vehicle is of good quality. 2, original design sketches of Volkswagen beetle from Hitler's hand. 3, Beijing every month on average traffic length is equal to the United States the traffic time of the year. 4, wuling macro light is the bane of luxury cars, China's most common 'super' run after the flooding, and only a dare in tnk-bp hill called autonomous vehicles. 5, the car is no airbags, because six point seat belt tied people lived enough. 6, could not help but to HeiXia mass. 。 Also, don't say not domestic diesel pressurization, JEEP, and jaguar land rover, mercedes-benz has diesel cars ~ 7, besides a weight problem. 。 A car wiring is about 900 meters. The weight of the copper wire inside is about 66 kg. 8, most of the time the most affect the braking performance, fuel consumption, noise, it's just your tires. 9, summer can use fan door way to quickly reduce the temperature inside the car, the premise is to the side of the Windows open principle of relative low temperature air to replace the car just outside the car that is close to 50 ° of air. 10, the first pilot is a woman ( Don't be sarcastic women drivers again) ! 11, automobile skylight are generally not seal. Leak into the water from the diversion trench ran away. 12, cars are usually bear the movie but just to fly, the deformation of ground will ( In the film are lying) 。 13, car all sorts of bullet in the movie is fake, automotive leather is a thin iron, stone can hit a hole ( Film theory of lie + 1) 。 14, before all the Jeep face is seven holes (China Don't believe it can count for myself) 。 15, lamborghini is the earliest tractor brand, and brand is a cow. 16, porsche founder is the founder of son. ( Bosses are all bosses of) 17, ford GT was once known as the strongest car, because it when doing the compressive test the machine support is broken, the masses in the test the bugatti veyron 16 cylinder engine power when used to burn a room. 18, car tire in contact with the ground, in fact only ordinary people foot size, thus improve the auto control and safe, the most direct way, is changed into four good tyres. 19, summer arrived, everyone if put mobile phone on air-conditioning outlet, remember to turn off the mouth of the narrative, or get off a subsequent party opportunity because inside is too cool and accumulated water, corrosion motherboard. 20, legend has it that the audi A6 is one of the world on the highest rate of the car. 21, Citroen, founder of the name is Andre. Citroen, he is also a form of the gear in the inventor of the 'herringbone gear'. In fact, the Citroen logo is herringbone gear. 22, maserati said power to ensure the quality of product, per year will only produce 75000 Martha, sounds great, isn't that right, but what if I told you maserati cars a year can only sell 2 w. More car cold knowledge press, please pay close attention to the radiator cooling fan manufacturer _ chi car air conditioning '. Professional research and development production of miniature radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, blower cooling of dc cooling fan manufacturers. Quality first, service first, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days can be out of the sample, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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