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Lead to car auto radiator cooling fan stop running

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the progress of the Internet era, the communication between people is becoming more and more easily a lot of, look at today's cars and newly developed computer before, do a little more to see to, 1946 Mao Qili and love Kurt invented the computer weigh several tons, covers an area of two classrooms, today's cars, not only small, and powerful, not only can achieve the function of online communication, but also video calls, online shopping, etc. , this is an epoch-making progress, therefore, car naturally became one of our families necessary appliances. But what electric appliance has its service life, cars in the same way, after using for a long period of time, can appear radiator cooling fan does not rotate, excessive dust crash, card screen such as fault, then lead to a car radiator cooling fan stop running factors what? Here are by car radiator cooling fan manufacturer - wen ling Chi automotive air conditioning technician to you a: lead to car radiator cooling fan stop rotation factors are the following: 1, the poor quality of car radiator cooling fan itself, damaged, unable to turn. Methods: to repair or replace a better. 2, radiator cooling fan shaft rust, card to death. Methods: the cooling fan axis of rust. Break the cooling fan, with some pomade daub on a shaft. General or tweezers dip in lubricating oil through a straw, and drop into a drop of oil in the hub is ok, not too much, also must not use cooking oil. 3, mainboard burned, cause the circuit fault caused by the reasons. Processing method: if the circumstances are relatively mild just power triode is damaged, complex involves many elements, such as temperature control circuit. There is something wrong with the related circuit in the IBM maintenance, such as H8 temperature monitoring circuit has a problem, will be submitted to the Fan error error. This time can only be sent to the professional repair shop. 4, auto radiator cooling fan inside because s too long, too much dust backlog. Cause rotation struggling stuck. Methods: the inside of the cooling fan dust too much. When cleaning is to be removed from the radiator cooling fan, open the bottom oil seal, can with cotton or paper erase them, can also be used wooden toothpick to wipe the dust slowly. Radiator cooling fan is double radiator pipe system, the keyboard convection cooling fan. The rotation of the cooling fan is related to temperature of the cooling fan, only when the cooling fan to alert temperature cooling fan will turn, that is to say, the cooling fan cooling fan in use process will turn. If cooling fan does not turn, is likely to lead to auto restart, crash, serious word will burn the cooling fan and some parts. The heart a car radiator cooling fan found that have not turned the card die, etc. , shall be immediately processing, so as not to cause more damage. Above is the cause factors of car radiator cooling fan stop running and some simple processing method, the hope can help you, if has the need to replace or into bulk order car radiator cooling fan, please certification 'YiRongChuan' brand, our company is a professional wholesale auto radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, peng fan and build accurate dc cooling fan, in the cooling fan manufacturer. Welcome to come to consult.
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