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( Knowledge of dc cooling fan] - What is brushless dc cooling fan cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Every time in our lives, and the cooling fan in dealt, especially this sorching summer, the cooling fan is our essential heat dissipation tool. Indoor air stuffy need heat, mechanical speed regulated need heat, electrical and electronic components also need to heat dissipation. Cooling fan can be divided into electric cooling fan, dc cooling fan, ac cooling fan, today here is mainly to introduce the, what is a brushless dc cooling fan? Brushless dc cooling fan, literally by the dc power supply, no cooling fan brush. General dc cooling fan inside are driven by motor, brush to realize the current commutation. Brush material is copper, a long time after the operation will have larger wear, and noise is larger. Brushless cooling fan is a special motor internal construction, do not need to use the brush. The corresponding operation will be more smooth and quiet. Motor drive way ah, have a brush is you are negative to catch on the stator and rotor, although there are oil, but there are still friction, copper is worn over a period of time, the cooling fan is broken, brushless is through electromagnetic drive, conductive contact, not is driven by winding under magnetic field, also don't contact, no friction, long life, and low noise. Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning cooling fan factory is a professional research and development production dc dc cooling fan, ac cooling fan, brushless motor, dc fan peng. More than ten years experience in companies, domestic well-known brand of dc cooling fan, free proofing directly. Welcome to procurement consulting.
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