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Knowledge about air volume

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan test overview
the fan characteristics test:
according to AMCA - 210 85' 实验室测试方法球迷评级” Test specification. As shown in the sketch will fan is placed in the mouth of the cave, wind blown into the wind tunnel, through the flow field of each air volume and static pressure gauge point test, through the computer to collect measured data after drawing characteristic graph and data.

fan parallel analysis

the figure shows that parallel fan air volume increase, but the static pressure is constant; If the system impedance is low, can be used in parallel.
does the company do not recommend use fan in series way. CFS: Cubic Feet Per Second, Cubic Feet Per Second ( 发生/秒) CFM: Cubic Feet Per Minute, Cubic Feet Per Minute ( 发生/分钟) CMS: Cubic Meter Per Second, Cubic meters/SEC ( 立方米/秒) The CMM: Cubic Meter Per Minute, Cubic meters/min ( m3 / min) CMH: Cubic Meter Per Hour, the Cubic meters Per Hour ( m3 / h) L/s: Liter Per Second, liters Per Second ( L/s) L/min: Liter Per Minute, liters/min ( L/min)
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