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Jianzhun LED lighting ventilation fan won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award and shortlisted for the Gold and Silver Award

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Jianzhun LED lighting ventilating fan won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award and shortlisted for the Gold and Silver Award affirmed the 'Taiwan Excellence Award' commissioned by the Foreign Trade Association by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Recently, the 24th award list was announced. After 88 rigorous reviewers, On-site product evaluation and selection discussions, a total of 523 products won the Taiwan Excellence Award, 30 of which were shortlisted for the Gold and Silver Awards, and will compete for the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award in April 2016! Jianzhun LED lighting ventilation fans won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award for their excellent product development, design, quality and marketing capabilities. At the same time, it stood out from the 523 products and was shortlisted for the gold and silver awards, becoming a leader in various industries. The appearance of Jianzhun’s LED lighting ventilation adopts a German minimalist style and is equipped with energy-saving, quiet, and architectural safety functional design. It was first listed in Taiwan in July 2015 and caused a sensation. The ventilating fan body uses a DC motor to save energy and save electricity by more than 80% compared with ordinary AC motor products; the power consumption of the ventilating fan is only 4.5W (not including 12W LED lights), the air volume is up to 120 m3/h, and it has ultra-quiet characteristics, even 24 The monthly electricity bill for hourly ventilation is only 6.8 yuan (refer to Taipower’s monthly electricity bill for less than 120 degrees), which can save money and efficiently, and can quietly improve the air quality at home for each family; In terms of selection, the whole machine adopts UL94V-0 certified fireproof plastic, which is the best choice for modern building fire safety. With the improvement of the quality of life, improving the quality of all aspects of products is the direction that the industry needs to continue to work hard on. Jianzhun LED lighting ventilating fans subvert the traditional ventilating fan product thinking, not only improving product performance in terms of power saving, mute, exhaust, fire safety, etc. The problem is to combine the two-in-one design of ventilation and lighting to make the bathroom and toilet space decoration more concise. The panel exhaust adopts a side suction design and a modern ID design. The product has won the 2015 German iF Product Design Award. Jianzhun’s LED lighting ventilating fans make ventilating products no longer need to be hidden in the decoration due to appearance problems, placed in corners or become products that destroy the beauty The industry brings new changes and is deeply loved by the new generation of home architecture!
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