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Is there any impact on the cooling fan landing?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Regarding the landing test in the reliability test, can the cooling fan bear? In fact, there are standards in the cooling fan industry. Different standards are set according to different model sizes and their own weight. It is probably a small size and a small volume set to 60CM floor (wooden board) , The large volume is 30cm falling wood, and the fan can run normally, which is qualified. Does the cooling fan have an impact when it landed? In fact, it is possible to be damaged, such as broken ribs, broken fan blades, noise, etc., because the internal structure of the cooling fan is a tightly matched structure, and the size may change a little after landing, which will have an impact. Therefore, the production If you accidentally have a floor cooling fan on the cable, please check the electrical performance after checking the appearance.
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