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Is the DC fan dedicated to the heater the higher the speed, the better

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The heater wind needs to use a DC fan to send the heat source to the outside of the machine. We know that the higher the speed of the DC fan, the greater the wind. Then the higher the speed of the DC fan, the hotter the wind will be. No, it depends on the size of the heat source to match the appropriate air volume. The wind is too big, not only does not blow out the heat source quickly and in large quantities, but it will cool the heat source, and the temperature of the hot air blown out is not high. If the wind is too small, the heating wire will always be in a high heat state, and other parts may be burned out. Therefore, we must choose a DC fan with just the right speed to exhaust the heat, so that the hot air can be sent out smoothly.
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