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Is the current on the label the actual current of the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Basically every brand of cooling fan will have a label on the frame, indicating the model, current, voltage and other parameters. Is the current the operating current of the actual product? The answer is that not every brand will give one The size of the cooling fan is divided into three models with different speeds, that is, medium-high to low-speed. These three speeds use three different currents. This is accurate. However, when the speed required by our customers is between certain two speeds In the meantime, the current of the cooling fan must be between the currents corresponding to these two speeds. What should be done? It is unlikely that another model will be produced separately. In this case, the model will not be compiled in a few years. After that, the common practice is to take the current at the higher speed. The nominal current is less than the actual current to meet the safety requirements, and the current greater than the safety current may cause design errors by the developer and the fan burns. Therefore, the nominal current we see is generally less than or equal to the actual current
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