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Introduction to the wind tunnel laboratory and how to choose a cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Automobile radiator fan factory is a cooling fan manufacturer with years of experience, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of DC fans, AC fans, vortex fans and centrifugal cooling fans. In order to ensure that we provide customers with the most suitable cooling fans and cooling solutions, we continue to invest in research and development. At present, we have our own reliability test center. The air volume test center, the wind tunnel laboratory, has three air volume test ranges: CFMCFM, wind pressure test range: mmAqmmAq wind tunnel (testing equipment for air volume and pressure) equipment. Through the wind tunnel, we can test the fan's air volume and pressure data and intuitive graphs, as well as test the client product system impedance data, reference data, and select the fan with the most suitable cooling fan parameters to achieve the best heat dissipation effect. The following picture shows two of our wind tunnels: Below, let’s briefly and directly introduce how to select cooling fans through test data-air volume and pressure data and graphs. .The solid line FPC is the fan characteristic curve, which needs to be measured by the wind tunnel; the dotted line SRC is the customer system impedance, which also needs to be measured by the wind tunnel. Because of different customers, the general fan only identifies the FPC. .The junction of FPC and SRC is the operating point OP of the customer. Qb and Pb are the characteristics that can meet the needs of customers. Therefore, when customers choose a fan, it is not the most appropriate to choose only Qa and Pa. It is recommended that customers provide the system to us, and to test the SRC free of charge for the customer can make it easier to choose the applicable fan and determine whether the customer's system impedance design is appropriate. How to choose a cooling fan based on the air volume and pressure curve (PQ curve) and the system impedance curve? As shown in the figure, assuming there are two fans, A and B, how to choose a more suitable fan based on the characteristic curve? The answer is that FAN a is a more suitable fan; because the operating point OPa where the characteristic curve crosses R has better characteristics than the operating point OPb, Qa>Qb (air volume), Pa>Pb (static pressure). Although the air volume and static pressure of this FAN b are higher than those of FAN a, the customer should choose OPa as the best choice for use; it is not only based on the maximum air volume and maximum static pressure of the fan. .The quality of the system impedance design is also one of the key points of choosing the fan; the R system is the best system impedance design in the figure, the R system impedance is higher, and R is lower; to improve the system impedance design, adjust the size of the system air inlet and outlet , Adjust the discharge position of the components in the system, etc., and then pass the wind tunnel test to adjust and verify the best system impedance. .Comparing FAN a and FAN b, we can see that the motor torque, fan blades, and outer frame design characteristics of FAN a are better than those of FAN b. Through these brief introductions, can you initially select the cooling fan through the air volume and pressure curve, the system impedance curve and the two parameters tested in the wind tunnel laboratory? If you have any questions, you can consult our customer service staff. Contact information of car radiator fan factory Address: Junzi Bulingwu Industrial Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen Tel: // Sales: / Fax: Website: Email: market@szhxht.com
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