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Introduction to heat radiator cooling fan and shaft diaspora dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan can be divided into many types according to its air supply form, axial flow, mixed flow, centrifugal, etc. And according to its form of electricity is different, can divide again, dc and ac. What is heat dc cooling fan, and heat dissipation dc cooling fan with shaft diaspora thermal cooling fan and what are the differences? Here are by possessing YiRongChuan internal cooling fan manufacturer technicians under the auspicious fine answer for you: simply speaking, heat dissipation dc cooling fan is by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical from thereby giving impetus to the rotation of the cooling fan blades to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. Dc cooling cooling fan is the use of dc power source to run! The dc power supply voltage must be consistent with the working voltage of electric fan on. If a battery is a DC power supply, use it to drive DC cooling fan, in addition to the charge of also look at the battery voltage and the working voltage of the cooling fan is consistent, if inconsistent with the voltage into a DC/DC converter. Cooling dc cooling fan operation is based on the principle of the ampere right-hand rule, the electric current through a conductor, can produce a magnetic field around, if put the conductor at a fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, caused by moving objects. In the inside of the blades to heat dc cooling fan, attached to a charge in advance of the magnetic rubber magnet. Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part two sets of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, a group control circuit, the circuit make the job of two groups of coil turns of coil axis. Dc cooling of the cooling fan speed signal output from three pin plug, commonly three fuses in the yellow and black + 12 v power supply and grounding, respectively, of a different color line is the rotational speed signal output line. It should be noted that some three cooling dc cooling fan, the third root lead lead is not speed signal output line, but the speed control signal, through it to the dc cooling fan motor speed regulation control signal. So far, the mode of the cooling fan's own monitoring alarm sensor and speed sensor of two types, using alarm sensor can be in when the cooling fan speed falls below a certain threshold values give alarm signal, and the speed signal output, which can realize real-time monitoring of the cooling fan speed. And scatter thermal cooling fan, axial axial flow fan. Is mainly used in the dust, debris field and other places such as the exhaust; Medium-sized shaft heat diaspora fan is mainly used in indoor ventilation and heat removal, for example, granary, etc. ; Small shaft diaspora heat ventilation cooling fan is mainly used with the machinery and equipment, such as: electrical cabinets, etc. Axial flow cooling fan is working, blade air moving in the same direction as the axial flow, so called shaft diaspora heat fan. Above is the heat dissipation dc cooling fan and cooling dc cooling fan, the difference between a more auspicious, please pay attention to our company possessing [ YiRongChuan} Electronics, our company is specializing in the production and research and development manufacture radiator cooling fan, fan peng and industries dc cooling fan manufacturers, more than 10 years of taiwan-owned enterprise qualification, has a very rich industry experience, excellent product quality, good service, free for customized proofing directly or buyers. More related radiator cooling fan, welcome to come to consult cooperation.
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