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Introduction to cooling fan knowledge

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
As the season changes, the temperature gets higher and higher. The air is becoming more and more sultry, and heat dissipation has become one of our hot topics. The cooling fan is used as the main heat dissipation source in more and more places, in various industries such as household appliances, machinery and equipment, and automobiles. All need to be used, so what types, sizes and functions of the cooling fan? The following is our Wenling cooling fan manufacturer-[Tongchi Auto Air Conditioning] to take you to know some little knowledge about cooling fans: The first cooling fan model: For example, 4010 cooling fan, length 40mm × width 40mm × thickness 10mm; Commonly used models: 2510, 2507, 3006, 3007, 3010, 3510, 4010, 4020, 4028, 5010, 5012, 5015, 5020, 6010, 6015, 6020, 6028, 7515, 7010, 7025, 7530, 8010, 8025, 9025, 9225, 12025, 12032, 12038, etc. have boxes, blowers, brackets, etc. second. The voltage, current and speed of the cooling fan: the voltage includes the starting voltage and the rated voltage (DC cooling fan voltage range 4.2V---48V; AC cooling fan and EC cooling fan voltage range 110V---220V); current is related to speed , Can be customized according to customer requirements. third. The wire of the cooling fan: model, length, terminal model. fourth. Plastic frame of cooling fan: PBT material (white and black), PS material (transparent) Fifth. Manufacture of cooling fans with special functions: moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, RD stop alarm, FG signal wave measurement, PWM pulse width modulation, etc. Sixth. The bearing type of the cooling fan: generally divided into four categories: oil bearing, double ball bearing, single ball bearing, hydraulic bearing. Advantages of oil-impregnated bearings: relatively low price, low noise, low price, the disadvantage is short life (about 30,000 hours). The advantages of double ball bearings are longer life (more than 50,000 hours), but the disadvantage is that the noise is slightly higher (as the technology matures, the noise of the balls is now getting smaller and smaller), and the price is relatively high. The advantages and disadvantages of single ball bearings are between double ball bearings and oil-impregnated bearings. Hydraulic bearings have a slightly longer life than oil-impregnated bearings, and the manufacturing process is slightly more complicated. Of course, these are also related to the nature of the material. Choosing a good material can reduce the noise of the cooling fan and extend the service life. The above is some relevant knowledge of cooling fans. I hope to help major cooling fan buyers to have a deeper understanding of cooling fans, so that they can better purchase the products they want. Wenling Tongchi automotive air conditioners are professional production A brand manufacturer that develops and manufactures cooling fans, peng fans, brushless motors, turbocharged bracket cooling fans, with many models, complete styles, excellent quality, and reasonable prices, and can provide you with the most satisfactory service and the best products Welcome everyone to come to consult and order.
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