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Introduction of cooling fan application field-charging pile cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Under the current trend of 'energy saving and emission reductionCharging speed is a very important indicator of charging piles, and charging speeds can get faster and faster. This is not only a requirement for batteries and cables, but also has extremely high requirements for the heat dissipation system of charging piles. The purpose of the construction of charging facilities is to allow vehicles to be charged to replenish more than% of the electric energy through the charging pile in a relatively short period of time. Among them, DC fast charging can be fully charged, and AC slow charging can be fully charged. For car owners, of course, the faster the better, but if the charging speed increases, the current and voltage will increase, resulting in rapid and massive heat generation in the charging pile. Because the faster the charging speed, the greater the power of the inductance module of the charging pile, and the greater the charging current, which means the greater the heat generated by the inductance module, power module and other components. At present, the mainstream module efficiency in the industry is nominally %. Taking the KW system as an example, the heat dissipation capacity of the module alone can reach *.*u003dW. It can be seen that the charging pile generates a lot of heat during the charging process, and if it is not released in time, it will cause a great safety accident. The most common and common way to dissipate heat from charging piles is to install a cooling fan, which is easy to install, consumes less energy and has low cost, but the cooling fan has a poor heat dissipation effect when heat tends to accumulate in the heating body. The current industry's solution to this situation is to install thermally conductive silicon pads in modules such as charging pile inductors and chips to conduct heat to the outside, thereby reducing the temperature of the components. At the same time, the silicon pad has good elasticity and can play a role in shock absorption. In addition, thermally conductive polymer composite materials prepared by the combination of thermally conductive inorganic powder and organic polymer matrix are also key materials for the design and manufacture of many charging pile industries. In this way, the heat generated inside the heating element that is not easily emitted is conducted, and the conducted heat can be easily solved by the heat dissipation fan. Automotive radiator fan factory is a cooling fan manufacturer with years of Ru0026D and manufacturing experience, and passed the ISO/TS: quality management system certification in the year. It is one of the few cooling fan manufacturers in the cooling fan manufacturing industry that has the qualification to produce automotive product cooling fan accessories factory. Welcome customers to inquire. Contact information of car radiator fan factory Address: Junzi Bulingwu Industrial Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen Tel: // Sales: / Fax: Website: Email: market@szhxht.com
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