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Installation should pay attention to when using axis diaspora heat fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Below is about the axis diaspora hot fan in use and the matters needing attention when installation use
one, the note
1. Axis diaspora will produce high temperature heat fan, should avoid to touch the shell so as to avoid burns.
2。 The use of a motor load current decreases as the cooling fan drum air pressure changes. When wiring device shall be the machine of over load protection switch, and the full load current rating ( 一) The use, to avoid a motor burn down. ( Please reference on the motor nameplate rated full load current)
3。 The cooling fan with a continuous run of scope of application of air volume on - please refer to the directory Using static pressure curve and the curve of the scope, but as close to high voltage, do not exceed the applicable scope, if necessary when using close to the confining pressure, the pressure relief valve installed in the pipeline is best, when using a closed pipeline, pressure release valve will open air conditioning in and out of the life of drums to make sure that the cooling fan. If under the closed pipeline operation, the temperature of the cooling fan will rise sharply, should avoid running at this time, otherwise it may happen, deformation or damage at the same time in a closed condition, or under continuous use of air volume will be affected. If intermittent operation, best with air valve switching operation.
4。 The cooling fan air temperature changes: when the air flow nearly closed state, the temperature will rise sharply, therefore, should pay special attention to this kind of situation happen. If the temperature will rise, do not put the cooling fan in airtight indoor use.
5。 Hard objects dust powder granule fiber and water should be removed before air into the cooling fan, available dust bag and so on way. If device filters in the middle of the line and to avoid the loss of step-down, please use the large area of the filter, filter and regularly cleaned of the pollutants.
6。 Should be regularly cleaned of internal and external cooling fan ( Especially in the case of air channel cooling fan) To remove surface dust. If a large number of accumulated dust, poor cooling effect will cause temperature rise, air volume decreases, and vibration increase and cause failure.
7。 Bearing oil seal and muffler is expendable, so there is a certain life, need to be replaced periodically, and leaf also shall be in accordance with the use environment, such as the shell metal mesh and replaced periodically.
8。 Cooling fan if bad or abnormal noise in use, please turn off the power maintenance.
2, installation note
1. Installation location & # 8212; — - Shall be installed in the indoor without intrusion rain
2. The environment temperature & # 8212; — - 40 ℃
3. Relative humidity & # 8212; — - 80%
4. The air quality & # 8212; — - - - - - - If the air containing acid, alkali and corrosive or flammable gas, the high pressure cooling fan drum should not deliver, in order to avoid dangerous
5. Dust protection & # 8212; — - There is a lot of dust, powder stereo or fiber etc should avoid to use, such as required in such situations, please install the filter, and regular cleaning attached to the screen and high pressure cooling fan inside the drum dust
6. Ventilation cooling & # 8212; — - Please select in well ventilated places of use, cannot be used in an airtight room or sealed box
7. Placement space & # 8212; — - Convenient for column line maintenance or repair, please avoid installation too narrow site
8. Avoid vibration & # 8212; — – Please install in place no vibration; Vibration is inevitable, such as places must be equipped with vibration control measures, in order to avoid high-pressure drums outside of the vibration damage of the cooling fan
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