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Installation of a cooling fan is analysed for the influence of life?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
When our products need to be equipped with a cooling fan hot, may be limited by space, environment, shape, and so on factors, lead to different installation way, often encounter the installation method of the following

1. Stuck on both sides of the cooling fan, or diagonal each plug a screw to live within the cooling fan of the screw holes, these two cooling way is likely to cause a cooling fan with product produce resonance, amplify sound, fan vibration for a long time, a lot of impact on the bearing with the core shaft friction, life will reduce

2. Dress, fan Ye Chao, use for a long time if long time hanging blades and rotor magnetic weak, from the motor stator blades from without, a cooling fan could not turn from poor induction, oil-bearing fan is the most easy to appear this kind of problem, need to do some treatment from the structural design of the

3. Convulsions heat dissipation is shorter than the life of the blowing cooling, because convulsions smoke has been the hot air, the motor is often in a state of endothermic, inside the motor driver IC for heating, make the performance.
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