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Install the radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Believe we all know, now with the factory work with the change of environmental temperature, extremely need radiator cooling fan for machinery and equipment for heat dissipation, in order to improve the service life of equipment, radiator cooling fan is the use of forced convection heat, its own training effect, make the air in a certain way, by implementing the forced convection cooling way to achieve the cooling effect, from the time we know what the specification parameters of radiator cooling fan, so we know how to install radiator cooling fan? Today YiRongChuan technicians how to share the radiator cooling fan installed. Radiator cooling fan installation method: 1, installing a radiator cooling fan best between heat sink and cooling fan coating thermal conductive silicone. Because silicon grease has certain viscosity, metal shrapnel in fixed fins slightly loose aging, can make the heat sink to a certain extent not separated from surface of the cooling fan, in order to maintain the cooling efficiency of cooling fan. We all know that the effect of thermal conductive silicone is not just the cooling fan produced quantity of heat quickly and evenly is passed to the heat sink. 2, the installation of radiator cooling fan, the principle of the use of silicone is less and less on the surface of the cooling fan on drop a little finger after wipe evenly, otherwise easy to make the case not only internal dirty, may cause the leakage fault. Fixed radiator cooling fan with the tightness of metal shrapnel, generally can be adjusted, if does not use the kernel bare the cooling fan, the radiator cooling fan should be installed as possible close way. 3, used in the cooling fan with a few days later reduced efficiency, usually is the result of the shrapnel slight slippage, such as gear piece slides up a block, etc. , when the shrapnel in place so can't for fear of the laborious and careless, must do all it can to ensure that fastening, don't too hard and also when installation, pay attention to in order to avoid damage to the cooling fan outlet near the components and circuits. Radiator cooling fan today to share this method of installation, the working principle of the heat dissipation of the cooling fan is implemented according to the energy conversion, namely: the electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy to kinetic energy. Its circuit principle generally divided into a variety of forms, the circuit is different, the performance of the cooling fan will have difference, after you buy radiator cooling fan pay attention to these problems after installation will not make a mistake.
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