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Install multiple cooling fan at the same time how to control the machine noise to selection

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan is the main purpose of cooling source cooling equipment to process, when the heat source of heat is too big, often one of all the heat generated by the cooling fan is not enough to, in product design will consider using multiple fan for cooling, then multiple fan operation will inevitably increase the noise of the machine at the same time, we usually refer to the parameter value in the list, but provide only a single directory cooling fan noise parameters, so the engine noise to control within the scope of value fan how to choice? On this issue I consult the application technical support Huang Gong tong chi auto cooling fan, Huang Gong answers to copy the case:

assume a cabinet to use 12038 size 6 cooling fan, the engine noise can accept 60 db, biggest don't consider to install the noise, the single biggest fan noise value take how much?

multiple cooling fan running at the same time the theoretical calculation of the noise value:

sound pressure level: SPL2 SPL1 + 10 = log ( n)

SPL1: nominal fan noise standard product specification book

SPL2: superposition of n a cooling fan noise value

: 60 + 10 = SPL1 log ( 6)

spl1 = 60 - 10 * 0. 78 = 52. 2 db

after that good size and voltage, we selected the noise values at 52. About 2 db cooling fans can meet to install six fan running at the same time the noise value is 60 db this condition, this case at that time we chose Taiwan Jamicon kay beauty brand cooling fans, JF1238 - 14 series, optional up to 4000 RPM of the cooling fan, the noise value is 52. 9 db。

chi automotive professional do the cooling fan has, is the cooling fan agent, SanAce Japan Jamicon kaimei cooling fan in China Taiwan, AVC fan agent in Taiwan, has rich experience in the technical team, can help to do a cooling fan application solutions, to provide a cooling fan quality, reliable and stable delivery time, have the customer need to use a cooling fan, cooling fan production counterparts can discuss exchanges with them.
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