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Industrial cooling fan running what are unstable factors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Industrial cooling fan cooling performance of the high and low and a cooling fan is directly related to parameters of air volume and air volume, the greater the different performance of radiator cooling fan is stronger, in the case of other parameters must be air volume, the greater the speed is higher, but in the process of industrial cooling fan will appear a few problems such as the wind speed is smaller than before, is the speed is slightly lower than before, so this is what factors?

factors a, whether industrial cooling fan of use fixed number of year is too long, the surface is a layer of dust accumulation, it will cause industrial cooling fan running up a little weight, will appear to slow down, to avoid this problem, we should clear timing, time for a cooling fan.

factor 2, industrial cooling fan slow running speed can also be the power part of the problem, we'd better use strict tested generally use the power of power supply, the main watch a cooling fan and power supply connection parts.

factor 3, install a cooling fan is not installed in our good cause loose, can also lead to industrial cooling fan speed slow down, so we be careful in installation and remove some carefully.

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