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Industrial cooling fan noise is related to what factors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan noise is the size of the cooling fan to produce noise at work, affected by various factors, the unit is decibels ( dB) 。

the cooling fan at run time less than 20 db is the ultra-quiet fan noise, noise lower than 40 db is the voice of the people during sleep can accept size, then the cooling fan noise size and is affected by what way? Let us, for example, one by one.

1, the cooling fan bearing system: general bearing system noise sorting double ball bearing noise second largest hydraulic bearing is oil bearing again, the reason is that the double ball in a cooling fan will friction collision between shaft and bearing during operation, are the main factors influencing the fan noise.

2, cooling fan speed: the higher the cooling fan speed, the greater the volume of noise will lead to greater, about this we can't overcome, according to the actual cooling requirements of the device.

3, the installation of a cooling fan: when installing cooling fans to ensure fully with the obstacles between interval, in the absence of interval to install a cooling fan noise increases.

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