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Industrial cooling fan fan box appearance and installation method of relevance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Actually a cooling fan fan box shape is also a focus, users need to pay attention to the matter to the installation of fan, etc. , so this article main discussion is the fan casing outside the

fan box shape is often we ignore a key, the general users to focus solely on the parameter values of the fan, cooling performance, etc. , so depending on the type of mounting holes can be divided into two kinds of belt reinforcement and without reinforcement, as shown in

1, belt reinforcement as the name implies: fan installation fixed firmly, the according to user requirements.
it is important to note, there is a general customer screwed fan, must pay attention to the specifications of the vendor provided fan drawings, drawings have a logo on the fan casing of the aperture size, the screw size than fan box aperture about 0. 2 mm screw too much lead to split stiffener, screw is too small and not secured, pay attention to the screw must not deflected oh!

2, fan box shape reinforced

increase the blade shape steel, the wind pressure can be improved.

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