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In the mechanical ventilation centrifugal cooling fan and shaft diaspora hot fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A, due to large temperature difference between temperature and food, the first draft should be chosen time during the day, the gap between moderate temperature to reduce the grain, reduce the occurrence of condensation. After ventilation to take place in the evening as far as possible, because the cooling ventilation is give priority to, the evening air humidity is relatively high and low temperature, which reduced the water loss, and make full use of the cold night, improves the cooling effect.
2, using centrifugal cooling fan ventilation early possible condensation, doors and Windows, walls, even slight condensation surface grain surface, as long as to stop the cooling fan, open the window and open the diaspora thermal fan, axial turn grain surface when necessary, the hot and humid air out of the warehouse within the warehouse. And retarded by shaft diaspora hot fan ventilation will not appear dewing phenomenon, only slowly rising upper-middle-class grain temperature, as the ventilation to continue smooth grain temperature will decline.
3, retarded by shaft diaspora hot fan ventilation, due to the shaft diaspora hot fan air volume is small, and food is a poor conductor of heat, ventilation, ventilation is slow, prone to individual parts early as ventilation continue grain temperature will gradually balance the whole storehouse.
carried out four, slow food must pass a vibrating screen cleaning, and into the warehouse within the food must be timely cleaning the automatic grading area caused by impurities, otherwise easy to cause uneven local ventilation.
5, energy consumption calculation: 14 warehouse with shaft diaspora heat accumulated ventilation fan 50 days, 15 hours a day on average, Shared 750 hours, average water down 0. 4%, the average grain temperature drop for 23. 1 degree, the unit energy consumption as follows: 0. 027千瓦。 h / t。 ℃. 28 warehouse total ventilation 6 days, Shared 126 hours, average moisture down by 1. 0%, the average temperature drop 20. 3 degrees, the unit energy consumption as follows: 0. 038千瓦。 h / t。 ℃.
6, slow in shaft diaspora hot fan ventilation: the advantages of the cooling effect is good. Unit energy consumption is low, in advocating the energy saving is particularly important today; Ventilation time easy to master, not easy to appear condensation; With separate without the cooling fan, convenient and flexible. Disadvantages: because of the small air volume, ventilation time is long; Precipitation effect is not obvious, the high moisture food is unfavorable use axis diaspora heat ventilation fan.
7, centrifugal cooling fan: the advantages of obvious effects of temperature, precipitation, ventilation time is short; The bad: high energy consumption of the unit; Ventilated bad timing appear easily knot dew. Eight, conclusion:
in for the purpose of cooling, ventilation, heat application shaft diaspora fan slow ventilation safety, high efficiency, energy saving; In terms of precipitation for the purpose of application of centrifugal cooling fan ventilation.
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