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If the cooling fan is not installed correctly, there will be noise

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The noise problem of the cooling fan is a relatively common problem. Some are the quality of the cooling fan itself, and some are the installation of the cooling fan. Therefore, it is also very important to install the cooling fan correctly. 1. Install the cooling fan frame by clamping the upper and lower sides of the cooling fan. The method is easy to produce resonance and amplify the sound due to the vibration of the cooling fan when it is running, and it is impossible for the cooling fan to run at a high speed without vibration. 2. Adopt the method of inverted installation, the fan blades face down and absorb heat from bottom to top. The oil-contained heat dissipation fan may exceed the height of the outer frame due to the gravity of the fan blade itself, and hit the heat sink below, resulting in Noise (change to double ball bearing can be solved well) 3. Incorrect installation of the lock screw, the first screw is too strong, the lock is very tight, the second screw in parallel is also locked very tight, and then lock again The two screws on the opposite side will cause the outer frame of the fan to be deformed and twisted, and the fan blades may touch the outer frame wall and produce a scratching sound. The correct thing to do is to lock the first screw and tighten it. Don’t lock it out of shape. When it’s finished, lock the diagonal screws. When it’s finished, lock the other diagonal screws. Welcome you to come to the heat dissipation class of the cooling fan manufacturer again. And the news center, the copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer, and only represents personal views, please do not reprint the whole article, any violation will be held legally responsible, if you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please click Product Center
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