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How to use only two cooling fans with three lines?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Some customers bought old cooling fans in the market, just want to try samples, the second-hand stock always has some unsatisfactory places, in fact, it only needs 2 lines, one positive and one negative work, but the second-hand goods are three lines How to do it? Of the three lines, the red line is positive, the black line is negative, and the third is the functional line. Generally, the yellow, blue, and green lines are generally FG and RD signals. A few of them are PWM functions. The wire can be cut, and the heat dissipation performance of the cooling fan is not affected. It is just that if it is cut, there is one signal function. But it is better not to connect the third wire to the red positive wire. Some designs may burn out the circuit and cut it directly. The wind of the third cooling fan is still that big. Welcome to the heat dissipation classroom and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and represents only personal opinions. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please Click Product Center
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