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How to use a car fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The radiator of the CPU and the graphics card itself is actually sufficient to dispose of the heat generated during their work, but the heat emitted is not directly sent out of the car. The accumulation of hot air in the car causes the internal temperature of the car to increase from time to time. Even if the ambient temperature increases, even if the radiator is strong, The temperature of the CPU and graphics card will also increase. This is the so-called'heat accumulation'. Whether the pressure inside the car is greater than the outside is also related to the overall heat dissipation effect of the car. When the air intake is greater than the air output, for example, if we install more fans for air intake, the internal pressure of the car is stronger than the outside, and the internal air will be forced out of the car. When the air output is greater than the air intake, that is, more fans are installed for air extraction, and the pressure inside the car is lower than the outside, air will spontaneously enter the car. This presents a problem. When the car is under 'positive pressureThe exhaust fan at a reasonable location will only draw the hot air out of the car. The air entering the car due to'negative pressure' is low-temperature cold air, and the heat dissipation efficiency is quite high. If you have to fill the car with fans, then I suggest that you should adjust the speed of the intake fan to the lowest, so that the car is in a 'negative pressure' state.
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