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How to solve the problem of radiator cooling fan noise?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan as auxiliary equipment, will use frequency is too high, cause the noise is more and more big, the use effect is becoming more and more bad. Many users for this problem is very headache, but don't know how to deal with. Below YiRongChuan technician is to introduce how to solve the problem of cooling the cooling fan noise? 1, add lubricating oil radiator cooling fan noise, after using for a long time, may be bearing lubricating oil loss, friction occurs at high speed, noise. So we need to do regular check, once found that a lack of lubricating oil, in a timely manner in the radiator cooling fan on drop a few drops of oil on the bearing, bearing running smoothly. 2, fixed blade cooling of the cooling fan vibration also played a part in the formation of radiator cooling fan noise. Because the blade on the bearing looseness or bearing wear gap, to destabilize the cooling fan, thus in vibration during operation and also gives the noise. In this case, we only need to put the cooling fan to tighten the screw, it is good to hold. 3, dozen MoShan Ye Ruguo use quality deviation of radiator cooling fan, after using for a long time, because the process defect, on the axis of center of gravity may not be in blade, forming eccentric phenomenon, not only can produce noise, serious word will damage the cooling fan. To this problem we can be removed, with a thread hanging from its central place, such as static see its sinking, towards which after grinding sinking on the wheel at the end of the light a few times, test again, until the cooling fan is in horizontal position in reinstall back.
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