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How to set the speed of your DC cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
In order to determine the voltage of the DC cooling fan, the supplier will be required to set an acceptable size range for the speed of the two sets of cooling fans based on the voltage and provide samples. After the power-on test, three results will be obtained. If the test is good, of course it is better. If the airflow of the DC cooling fan is small or noisy, we can adjust it. If the air volume is small, then we can slowly increase the adjustable power supply voltage, turn on the power of the micro cooling fan, the speed will gradually increase, and the air volume will increase until we confirm that the air volume of the DC cooling fan can meet the equipment requirements and record at this time The voltage is very noisy. We can use the same method to reduce the voltage of the DC cooling fan, reduce the speed ratio, reduce the noise, and record the voltage at this time.  After the above steps of testing, provide a sample and voltage value to the DC cooling fan supplier, record the speed under the current voltage, and then perform another sample. Basically, it doesn't matter. If these three steps still fail, we can start over and ask the supplier to make another size sample. But with a sample experiment experience, the chance of success is even greater. Wenling Tongchi Automobile Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 in Wenling, China, and is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Ru0026D, production and sales of cooling fans. The produced DC cooling fans, AC cooling fans, blowers, waterproof/dustproof cooling fans, EC frequency conversion cooling fans, DC cooling fans, automobile cooling cooling fans, silent cooling cooling fans, bracket cooling cooling fans, turbocharged cooling fans , DC cooling fans, DC centrifugal fans, DC blowers, blower manufacturers, new energy cooling fans, brushless motors, etc., have been widely used in: communication equipment, UPS power supplies, medical equipment, electric welding machines, industrial control equipment, household appliances, air purification Industry, automobile industry, projector, beauty equipment, sports equipment and other industries.
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