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How to roughly a cooling fan noise value

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
How to roughly a cooling fan noise value

the cooling fan noise ratio is an important parameter, not like other such as life, anti interference ability need long time to display data, noise really can control the size of the customer's choice.

many technical breakthrough in cooling fan manufacturer also to noise, put a higher performance, the less noise. The source of the wind technology in this aspect also has heavy ratio.

in the product's performance, noise than being labeled as dba, defined as when a cooling fan running at normal speed fan sound produced by size. In fact the mass point, the size of the noise greatly depends on the influence of the fan unit. If installed too close to the cooling fan, such as the inlet, then the abnormal flow of air, will have a major impact on the volume of the sound.

so, noise testing what standards? For the parameters of the fan air output and sound height have lab test standard, the social engineer, air movement and control association, in strict accordance with the various numerical formulated the perfect test standard, become the ANSI/ASHRAE51 or ANSI/AMCA210, ISO/DIS10302 or ANSIS12. 11 is voice test standard.

if we want to roughly know how cooling fan noise ratio is, the size of the sound level is to point to in a certain point in space, the size of the fan in front one meter distance, probably when a cooling fan sends out a sound from all directions, different pressure levels may exist at the same time in another place.

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