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How to repair the dc radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Believe that the application of the dc cooling a cooling fan manufacturer know, heat dissipation dc cooling fan is by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical cooling device to drive the blades rotating, it has quick speed, good heat dissipation effect characteristics and is widely used, however, heat dissipation dc cooling fan is sometimes due to the improper use of all kinds of problems, so how do we fix cooling dc cooling fan? By the above, we know the heat dissipation dc cooling fan is mainly used in what areas, then today by YiRongChuan professionals to briefly under dc for everyone is how to fix the radiator cooling fan. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan maintenance methods: 1, the open cooling dc cooling fan, check item winding coil and the circuit board. We first use a multimeter to detect the stand or fall of three coil winding, if there is no bad, again multimeter is used to inspect heat dc cooling fan small circuit board the stand or fall of each components. 2, heat dissipation dc cooling fan blades on dust too much can cause damage to equipment, so should use dry cotton dips in take a small amount of alcohol to wipe off the dust on the blades, tear open the red seal of the cooling fan opposite again, to point a few drops of lubricating oil, cooling dc cooling fan with oil bearing and ball bearing two types of lubricating oil can be substituted for sewing machine oil, south put drying after the heat sink on the lid on heat dissipation dc cooling fan, heat sink and cooling fan after cleaning, use screw twist. 3, unit clean and good heat dissipation dc cooling fan, radiator parts of the cooling fan looks old constantly rid of thermal conductive silicone, coated with a new good radiator thermal conductive silicon device, plug in the power supply plug. Often do maintenance, including cleaning dust, cooling fan axis machine lubricating oil. About how to repair the dc radiator cooling fan this problem, here small make up to answer questions, in addition, we also note that the heat dissipation dc cooling fan and try not to have a shelter, which increases the cooling fan operation time, will also affect its performance.
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