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How to reduce the noise of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The noise level of the cooling fan will determine whether the customer is willing to choose this fan. No matter what type of cooling fan is running, it will cause noise. The range of noise between 0-40dBA is acceptable. If the noise is accompanied by the running time of the cooling fan The lengthening and lifting can reduce noise in the application of cooling fans.

1. When choosing a cooling fan at the beginning, considering heat dissipation, try to choose a cooling fan with a low speed ratio and a large specification. Generally, a cooling fan with a low speed ratio and a large specification and a cooling fan with a small high-speed rotation In contrast, the noise during transportation with the same exhaust air volume is small.

2. The working voltage of the power transformer of the cooling fan is the key to determining the noise of the electric fan. The higher the working voltage, the higher the higher the operating voltage, the greater the vibration, and the higher the noise.

3. The cyclone obstruction encountered by the cooling fan in operation causes noise, especially the critical air intake and vents should bypass the obstruction to reduce noise.

4. The exhaust air volume required for cooling of the cooling fan is inversely proportional to the allowable temperature rise. If the allowable temperature rises slightly, the necessary exhaust air volume is greatly reduced. Therefore, the limit of forced temperature rise is slightly relaxed. In this case, the necessary exhaust air volume is reduced, and the noise is also reduced.

5. The use of the bearing of the cooling fan also determines the noise of the fan to a certain extent. If a low-quality bearing is used, after a period of use, due to the wear of the bearing, the fan will also produce noise during operation. Therefore, if you do not consider the budget when choosing a cooling fan, you must choose a better bearing, so that the life of the fan will be longer, and it can also reduce the noise problem of the fan in the subsequent use.
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