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How to reduce the noise from the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Industrial cooling fan is installed on the equipment, in the device by turning blades have the effect of ventilation cooling, cooling fan will produce noise at work.

the question becomes, is there any way to reduce the cooling fan noise?

after the impending nuptials, small make up respectively from our general chi auto, engineering JAMICOM kay beauty that reduce noise of the method. After finishing, small make up of four methods were summarized, respectively is:

1, change the shape of the fan cover.

2, increase the open area,

3, as far as possible let fans keep a certain distance with obstacles.

4, compared with fans of openings, the installation of fan plate is a bit better assembly

the principle and method of concrete, later will tell one by one to you.

remember oh, small make up is shenzhen tong chi car oh, specializing in the production and sales of the cooling fan and the electrolytic capacitor, and we also became the biggest agent oh JAMICOM kay within the United States ( This is the small make up can get so much from kaimei engineer one of the reasons for dry! Don't envy oh! )
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