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How to reduce the noise from the cooling fan. According to the installation of the differences between the sound of the fan cover pressure change

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan noise according to the differences in installation, the noise is different.

the figure below is our JAMICON kay beauty with fan installed a different effect on the fan cover.

the differences in the graph according to our living habits all know fan cover open big, will certainly be a relatively small noise. Our JAMICON kaimei engineers through the instrument measurement, the data made us more convinced that fan cover open area is larger, the noise is smaller.

so the total in general, the open area and noise of the fan cover relationship as shown in the figure below:

the reason is that open area, the greater the sound pressure will be lower.

fan cover is open area to the total effect of the noise, the greater the resulting noise is smaller, but the air outlet and the influence of the exhaust opening is a little different.

JAMICON kaimei under with cooling fans we test, and obtained the following data.

figure: an air outlet of the according to the different relationship between the noise of fan cover opening.

figure 2: depending on the fan casing opening of absorb noise.

note, the static pressure in the graph, the greater the said the opening of the shape of the fan cover is smaller, static pressure, the smaller the greater the opening of the fan.

according to figure 1 and figure 2 we can clearly know, compared with the outlet, absorb the obstacles, the noise value will be bigger.
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