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How to pick the cooling cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As we all know, heat dissipation function of the cooling fan is key, especially under the environment of high temperature in summer, but also high temperature, therefore, choose efficient radiator cooling fan is necessary. With the growing demand of radiator cooling fan, however, more and more manufacturers in the production of various kinds of radiator cooling fan, so you know how to pick a cooling radiator fan? From the section on our awareness of what types of radiator cooling fan, YiRongChuan small make up today is to introduce how to choose the cooling cooling fan. Choose the radiator cooling fan method: 1, the people on the choice of the radiator cooling fan, often compare the wind pressure and air volume, air pressure and air volume for normal ventilation, need to overcome the resistance of the heat radiator fan ventilation trip within, radiator cooling fan must have overcome the pressure of the air resistance, this is the air pressure. Wind pressure mainly depends on the shape of the blades, area, height and speed, the faster the speed, the greater the blades. Wind pressure, the greater the relative air duct type design of the heat sink can better maintain the cooling fan wind pressure. 2, when choosing radiator cooling fan, we want to know is that the heat dissipation of the cooling fan blades is vertical, the greater the wind section, are produced by the air volume is larger, so the wind cutting noise will lead to greater; Choose straight blades without wind wind let alone less heat dissipation. And the number of blades and blade design will produce very big effect to air volume and air pressure. The design of the radiator cooling fan blades affect the performance of a cooling fan is obvious, the same speed, the blade design a good product can provide greater wind pressure air volume, resulting in better heat dissipation effect. 3, radiator cooling fan sent per minute or the volume of air. Under the same heat sink material, air flow is the most important indicators of air-cooled radiator cooling capacity, meaning that the greater the cooling fan, air volume is larger, so larger volume in unit time can take more heat. If compared air volume to a weapon of wave power, wind pressure is the weapon of sharpness. Other things being equal. The actual air volume of the cooling effect of cooling fan plays a decisive role. 4, in the design, the design of the radiator cooling fan, besides the front when it comes to the general design of some radiator cooling fan adopted some very special design, by applying the update of the technique and technology. To better meet the needs of users. Radiator cooling fan on the dust, the long-term use of airflow through any part of the metropolis on a thick layer of dust. Lead to poor. Increased leaf weight. Reduce the speed or increase the motor load, even will cause the damage of the cooling fan. Choose the cooling method of cooling fan is a brief introduction to this today, in addition, we want to know is, radiator cooling fan to performance is strong, need to deal with the cooling fan on integral in all details properly, can play the best performance. Air volume of radiator cooling fan wind will sacrifice. Wind pressure, air volume will be decreased, the radiator cooling fan rotational speed and higher heat capacity is not necessarily in relations.
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