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How to install the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
With the continuous improvement of electronic product technology, cooling fans are used more and more widely. Cooling fans are usually used in notebooks or computer hosts. So do you know how to install cooling fans when you use them? If you don’t know If so, you can take a look at how the staff of Shenzhen Xin Super Speed u200bu200binstalled the cooling fan for everyone.

CPU cooling fan

How to install the cooling fan:

1. Prepare the cooling fan, and align the four fans with the four cooling fan fixing holes on the motherboard.

2. Press down the bottom of the cooling fan again, and pull it out to see if it can be easily pulled out. If it means there is no card, check it again.

Note: Do not press when the fixing holes are not properly aligned, as this will crush the feet of the cooling fan.

3. After the feet of the cooling fan are completely inserted into the fixing holes of the motherboard, press down the four-pin cards on the fan.

Note: The clamps should be pressed diagonally.

4. After pressing all the fixing clips of the cooling fan, check to see if the four feet of the fan are completely attached to the motherboard, and finally connect the cooling fan power supply.

Note: There are several fan power ports on the motherboard, which should be connected to the ports marked: CFNA or CPU_FAN.

The above are the exact steps to install the cooling fan. If you install it according to the above, you will definitely install the cooling fan completely.
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