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How to install the car radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan is the use of forced convection heat, its own training effect, make the air in a certain way, by implementing the forced convection cooling way, the heat dissipation effect, radiator cooling fan has also been used in the car, generally correct installation radiator cooling fan for cooling performance of the car, you should know how to install the car radiator cooling fan? Car radiator cooling fan installation method: first, we are installing a car radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling should be no gap between fan and panel, left a gap, will affect the cooling effect into full play. Second, the radiator cooling fan installation hole diameter should be greater than the cooling fan, cooling fan installed aperture & gt; The cooling fan. Three, set the radiator cooling fan side suction, please as far as possible away from the cooling body, etc. Four, wind direction and flow to the cross-sectional area of dramatic change will weaken the cooling effect, so please avoid this situation. Five, the use of unilateral flange surface for installation ( One sided flange installation) , and use the penetration bolts for installation ( On both sides of the flange installation) When installation, on both sides of the flanges, please consider fixed casing, don't change. The above content is the car radiator cooling fan installation method, several kinds of radiator cooling fan, respectively is: shaft diaspora fan, centrifugal cooling fan, mixed diaspora hot fan and tubular fan, and each kind of installation method is different.
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