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How to improve the quality of the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
We know that all kinds of equipment are used in industrial production. These equipment will become hot and hot when working for a long time. At this time, a cooling fan is needed to cool it down and keep the equipment in good working condition. , If the temperature is not cooled in time, it may cause damage to internal parts and affect production work. This shows the importance of cooling fans in industrial production. Therefore, a high-performance, good-quality cooling fan is what every enterprise is pursuing. So how can we improve the quality of the cooling fan from the root? The professional technician Yi Rongchuan will explain to you below. 1. Equipment parts The general heat dissipation fan is mainly composed of the rotor, stator, outer frame, motor (motor) and other small parts. The quality of these equipment parts directly determines the heat dissipation fan. Can it function normally? Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the heat dissipation fan, we must first start with these parts. Only the parts with excellent quality can make the heat dissipation fan have a longer service life and better heat dissipation effect.  Second, departmental research and development   usually, a cooling fan must be carefully designed and tested by the department to make sure that all aspects meet the production requirements and meet the market demand before production. For example, when the internal structural parts and wind pressure speed of the two cooling fans are exactly the same, the outer frame of different shapes is used for testing. A very well-designed outer frame can improve the performance of the cooling fan by 20% compared with the general outer frame fan. %. Or consider and test the resistance and auxiliary force of various frame shapes to ventilation, how to minimize the bearing friction in the cooling fan, and how to make the chip to maximize the performance of the auxiliary cooling fan and ensure the safety of the cooling fan, etc. . This shows how important the development of a product is.  3. Production department  After the design of the cooling fan is completed, it can be put into production. A good production department can increase the quality of the entire product by about 40%, and a good production department can increase the delivery speed and save production costs. For example, soldering, a skilled soldering worker can often avoid the defect rate of the cooling fan and improve the stability of the cooling fan to a large extent.   About how to improve the quality of the cooling fan from the root, I will share it here today. It can be seen from the above that if the quality of the cooling fan is to be improved, it is inseparable from the equipment parts, Ru0026D department and the production department. Only by closely combining these three aspects can the quality of our cooling fan be greatly improved. The promotion.
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