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How to improve the quality of a cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We know that in industrial production is used in a variety of equipment, the equipment under the condition of long working hours, hot hot, then you need to use a cooling fan to cool it, only has a good industrial cooling fan can keep equipment in good working condition, if you can't timely cooling may lead to the damage of the internal parts, affect production, shows the importance of the cooling fan in industrial production. So a cooling fan with high performance, good quality is the pursuit of every enterprise. So how to improve the quality of a cooling fan? Below by tong chi car for your explanation:

a, equipment parts

the general cooling fan is dominated by the rotor, stator, frame, motor, The motor) Four large pieces of spare parts and other small parts assembled, the equipment parts quality directly determines the cooling fan can run properly. So to improve the quality of the cooling fan to grab from these parts, the first quality of parts and components, to make a cooling fan service life is longer, the effect of heat dispelling better.

2, department of research and development

a cooling fan before production, usually, it takes department developed elaborate design and test, determine the aspects meet production requirements and adapt to the market demand. In the internal structure of two cooling fans, for example under the condition of same parts and wind speed, using different shapes of frame to test, the casing outside the design is very good can make the performance of the fan up 20% than the general frame of the fan. Or consider and test all kinds of frame shape on the ventilation resistance and auxiliary force has how old, how can you make the inside of the fan bearing to minimize friction, chip do to maximum power auxiliary fan performance and guarantee the safety of the fan. This shows how important they are to the right of a product's research and development.

3, the production department

a cooling fan design is completed, can put into production, a good production department can make the product quality improved about 40%, and a good production department can increase ship speed and saving the cost of production. Solder, for example, a skilled solder workers often can largely avoid the fan above defective rate and improve the stability of the fan.

about how to improve the quality of the cooling fan from the root, share here today. Can be seen from the above, if you want to improve the quality of the cooling fan, and equipment spare parts, the research and development department and production department is inseparable, only in these three aspects to do together, to make the quality of our cooling fan greatly ascend.

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