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How to improve the inverter heat dissipation problem?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
English name as VFDS or VVVF inverter, it is a way of using the variation of circuit, the power frequency of 50 hz power into ac power frequency and voltage can be adjusted, electric device to drive the three-phase ac asynchronous motor. Because the frequency converter is microelectronics technology and power electronic modules, it in actual application, by the surrounding environment of temperature, air humidity, mechanical vibration, the influence of dust and corrosive gas, and so on conditions, its electrical properties can make a big change. Long running without maintenance, aging can lead to frequency converter internal electronics. Especially air dust and moisture, if not promptly eliminate, can cause converter internal electronic severe fever, and failure or reduce the service life of converter. Therefore, it is necessary to implement daily and regular maintenance and maintenance for frequency converter. Frequency converter cooling fan inverter daily check items: (1) in the operation of the motor if that abnormal changes in the sound, including whether to produce vibration in the operation of the motor. (2) whether frequency converter installation environment changes. The environment temperature is normal, inverter working temperature in - general requirements 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ range, to about 25 ℃. (3) converter cooling fan is working correctly, including frequency converter cooling fan channels unblocked. Inverter in the display on the front panel of the output current, voltage, frequency and so on various data is normal. Characters on the display panel is clear, if the lack of strokes. (4) inverter is overheating. Can be detected using infrared thermoscope of inverter heat sink is overheating, or whether there is peculiar smell. Check if there is a fault alarm display in the operation of the converter. (5) the daily regular cleaning the inside of the electrical control cabinet into the filter on the air duct. Always keep the controller and frequency converter in good clean condition. The removal of the effective surface area of dust on the frequency converter, prevent dust from entering the inverter inside. Especially the metal dust. Effectively remove oil converter cooling fan. 6. Use the annual overhaul time, open the inverter, will check focus on daily operation at ordinary times can't see inside the clean work. Or a vacuum cleaner with brush clean frequency converter rectifier module, IGBT module of PCB and internal reactor, dc filter capacitors, input and output, and so on. For the unqualified electronic components to replace ( Note; Electrolytic capacitor converter internal filtering generally 4 ~ 5 years need to be replaced) 。 7) check the cooling fan, cooling fan are easy to damage the components. It is limited by the life of a bearing ( It is a axial flow fan) 。 According to the frequency converter operation, general 2 ~ 3 years to replace a fan or the fan bearing. Above, for personal views are for reference only.
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