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How to distinguish the stand or fall of cooling fan cooling characteristics?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Speaking of the characteristics of the cooling fan, if a little is thought to be know some people who know the cooling fan, cooling fan from bearing, exhaust air volume, air pressure, size motor selection of main parameters, such as for a selection of fan. That specific have what factors will affect the cooling fan is bad, how can we distinguish a cooling fan features good or bad? Cooling fan manufacturer passing chi car for your next popular science:

1, the cooling fan rolling bearing

rolling bearings have a cooling fan is widely applied oil bearing and ball bearing, oil bearing general price is low, the early rotation noise is small, and selection is also some manufacturers to add teflon in oil bearing, prompting oil bearing also has the credibility of the ball bearing, the final production chamber of commerce in the rolling bearing sale. Ball bearing is bigger than the oil bearing cooling fan noise, the price is more expensive than oil bearing, but it has the advantage of higher credibility, and longer service life than oil bearing.

2, the greater the radiator cooling characteristics, the higher the

it is actually an incorrect consciousness, the advantage of large fan depends on the fan blade length, the cooling area is big, so the air traffic is very large. But if the improper design, big fan of the cooling ability to work will still not small electric fan is good. Finally see a cooling fan leaves, if the same fan is consistent with other part, will only leaves by Ye Gaicheng five times seven fan blade, how much is the exhaust air volume change will be not easy to improve. But fan speed ratio, speed ratio of the seven fan blade is less than five blades ( Natural ventilation rate under the same condition) , relativity of seven fan blade cooling fans, if choose the rolling bearing damaged, oil leakage conditions, a longer service life of the electric fan.

if five blades of the fan blade and seven speed than similarly, seven fan blade row air volume will be bigger. The higher the speed ratio of the cooling fan is, relative service life is short, the greater the noise also. In addition, the fan blades of the cooling fan is thicker, the greater the leaf inclination Angle, is also the greater the pressure. A cooling fan fan blade into the corners of the mouth ( With a larger number of 45) Are decisions cooling fan is one of the key elements of the exhaust air.

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