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How to determine whether radiator cooling fan face-lifting?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan has quick speed air volume is big, good heat dissipation effect, convenient use, etc, can be applied in different industries, the size of the market is very big, many kinds, some users at the time of purchase radiator cooling fan, may be asked whether the seller is manufacturer, because the market would have renovated radiator cooling fan, and manufacturer sales would not be renovated. Renovation of radiator cooling fan performance than new cooling fan is good, then how should we judge whether radiator cooling fan face-lifting? The following follow YiRongChuan technician to understand it. To determine whether a radiator cooling fan renovation methods: judging from the trademark: radiator cooling fan of the original trademark printing is very exquisite, uniform color, printing clear luster, and a protruding sense; Fan of the trademark for the retrofit is informal, print quality is very poor, often will color shades, handwriting and no protruding, and gently with fingernails scraping a few trademark surface will scrape your colors, and the original trademark hand fingernails will not be affected. Judging from blades: original radiator cooling fan cooling fan blade surface can present an inferior smooth effect, to light can see the fine and uniform particles, with the hand touch feeling is rough; Fan because of long time and air friction, the retrofit particles on the surface of the blade all have no, smooth, can see use scratch marks. Finally, mounting holes: renovation fan is used, so will leave a mark on the mounting holes, if it is to use the work will be left in hole thread on the screw, if it's with screws and nuts will be around the hole left nut indentation. About how to determine whether radiator cooling fan, is introduced to here today. Possessing YiRongChuan have years of experience, is a professional research and development, production, sales heat dissipation products manufacturers, can provide customers with the best quality of radiator cooling fan.
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