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How to determine the quality of DC cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
DC cooling fans are widely used in radiators in automobiles, radiators and other machinery. And with the progress of the times, the application of DC cooling fans has become more and more extensive, and the demand on the market is also great, but how to judge its quality? it's here. Our professional heat dissipation fan technicians from Yirongchuan Company will answer for you: 1. Air volume: The size of the air volume determines the strength of the cooling fan. The larger the air volume, the stronger the heat dissipation capacity and the greater the wind. , The area is wider, on the contrary, if the air volume is small, the heat dissipation capacity is weak. Air volume is the most important indicator that determines the DC cooling fan. 2. Wind pressure: The wind pressure of the cooling fan is also a part of its quality. Wind pressure refers to the resistance it can overcome under normal conditions. The greater the air volume of the cooling fan, the lower the wind pressure. Therefore, the air volume and the wind pressure are relative, and the wind pressure is high and the air volume is small. 3. Rotation speed: refers to the number of times the cooling fan rotates in a certain period of time. The more times, the faster the speed, the stronger the heat dissipation capacity, and vice versa, the weaker. 4. Noise: The size of the noise determines its performance. The greater the noise, the worse the performance, and it will also seriously affect people's emotions. On the contrary, the smaller the noise, the better the performance and the better the quality.
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