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How to determine the cooling by the quality of the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan should be in common in various industries, the market demand is very big, thus make the radiator cooling fan manufacturers, some manufacturers in order to save the production cost, shoddy, in terms of radiator cooling fan to make consumers carelessly would buy bad products. To avoid this kind of situation, the following YiRongChuan technician to introduce how to judge a good quality of radiator cooling fan? To judge a good quality of radiator cooling fan can from the following aspects: 1, exterior framework usually radiator cooling fan frame with plastic aluminum alloy material. Ac cooling fan is the aluminum alloy are used commonly, and dc cooling fan with plastic. For aluminum frame of radiator cooling fan inside the center of the shaft is very important, a good central axis is to use copper, while almost adopt aluminum alloy material. 2, circuit boards, good heat dissipation performance cooling fan in PCB design will be more complex, the parts will be used a lot, and almost radiator cooling fan is simple in circuit board design, the required parts are also much less. 3, good copper radiator cooling fan adopts copper wire are rough, strong, USES is the method of artificial winding, and poor heat radiator fan used in copper wire is very thin, but it is only relative to the same product. In general the cooling fan is smaller, the more fine copper wire will become. 4, bearing radiator cooling fan usually has two kinds of ball bearings and oil bearing, the ball much better than oil, the service life is longer. 5, the material of blades good radiator cooling fan stator are generally sinosteel stator, very strong, blades and durable, and poor cooling heat dissipation fan blade is thin, easy to appear crack or break.
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