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How to deal with common failures of DC cooling fans?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
With the continuous increase of equipment in the factory, more and more mechanical equipment is purchased. However, to extend the use of mechanical equipment, it needs to be dissipated. Then, as the application situation and the environmental temperature change, DCs with different speeds are sometimes required The heat dissipation fan meets the heat dissipation requirements of the equipment, and the DC heat dissipation fan is a heat dissipation device that converts electrical energy into machinery through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction to drive the rotation of the blades. In simple terms, it relies on the continuous switching of coils and ICs. , The induction magnetic ring drives the wind blade to rotate. Therefore, it has a good heat dissipation effect and is widely used. So do you know how to deal with the common failures of the DC cooling fan? The professional staff of Yi Rongchuan will help you.     Ways to deal with common failures of DC cooling fans:      1. Abnormal noise:      Reason: When the abnormal noise rotates, I hear the 'DaDa' collision sound, but sometimes no. The case is densely covered with messy data cables and power cables, and sometimes the ends of the cables hit the DC cooling fan blades. As a result, the cooling fan made an abnormal noise when it turned.     Solution: You can use rubber bands, adhesive paper, etc. to tie up the scattered data cables and power cables in the chassis to avoid passing over the DC cooling fan.    Second, poor rotation:      Reason: The speed of the DC cooling fan is relatively slow when it is turned on, and the noise is louder, and it will return to normal after a while. The above phenomenon still occurs after using the same cooling fan for a period of time. The indoor temperature where the DC cooling fan is located is low, causing the lubricating oil on the rotating bearing to fail.     Solution: Add antifreeze lubricant to the DC cooling fan, and pay attention to the temperature of the environment.     3. Position offset:      Reason: The DC cooling fan automatically moved the fixed position. The fastener for fixing the radiator fails, and the radiator fan is displaced due to the resonance phenomenon caused by the rotation of the radiator fan.     Solution: Replace the DC cooling fan with a new fastener.     Fourth, noisy noise appears:      suddenly makes a special noise during use, which is even louder than the sound from the power supply of the chassis, after inspection. It turns out that too much dust has collected on the surface of the DC cooling fan and the gap of the radiator due to the long-term disrepair. The motor lubricating oil of the cooling fan has completely dried up, causing a motor-like roar.     Solution: Separate the DC cooling fan and the radiator, and clean the radiator directly with tap water. You can wipe it with soft paper first, and use a small medical cotton swab to wipe the gap. Open the plastic sticker on the back of the cooling fan, and use ordinary sewing machine oil to drop 1 drop to 2 drops into the movement. You can also use the paste grease for toy four-wheel drive vehicles, and the amount should not be too much.
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