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How to corrosion protection radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan used in industrial production, mainly for large production equipment cooling cooling dust, etc. General industrial production environment is more complex, radiator cooling fan in order to prolong its service life, you need to do some processing, such as the most common form of corrosion protection. Last YiRongChuan technician also appear to introduce the radiator cooling fan oil spills and dumped oil is what reason, today is how to introduce the radiator cooling fan anti-corrosion? 1, radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan surface protection treatment, surface treatment is usually use galvanized, chrome plating, electroless plating method. These methods are effective in many environments, but for the rotating parts, you need to choose carefully, because of its matrix materials and coating is two kinds of material, the linear expansion coefficient is different, the rotating parts are produced in different deformation elastic deformation, resulting in the production of a large number of micro cracks, will accelerate the corrosion formation. Therefore, we need to according to the actual use of the environment to choose the right materials and process. 2, the design of the heat radiator cooling fan cooling fan design is a sign of its core technology, affecting the service life of the cooling fan, to ensure the use safety of the cooling fan. Heat dissipation structure design of the cooling fan, the easiest way to the design of the accelerated corrosion defect is the tendency of stress concentration and crack environment, sometimes even metals soaked in the solution, the corrosion rate is smaller; But form cracks, due to internal solution of chemical and electrochemical state changed, will cause severe crevice corrosion, need to elaborate. 3, heat radiator fan material different heat radiator fan selection of material is different, anti-corrosion effect is different also. After selected radiator cooling fan models, according to the different material of corrosion resistance in different environment, main application environment, the working strength and so on many factors, from the fundamentals to determine the strength of parts material. From the point of material itself, it is on the target material is safe. How about cooling cooling fan anti-corrosion, today is introduced here. Radiator cooling fan anti-corrosion effect, can maintain the cooling fan is beautiful degree, reduce environmental pollution, and effectively extend the service life of the cooling fan, saving the cost of equipment for the enterprise, radiator cooling fan need to carefully choose the choose and buy.
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